7 Bookish Craft Projects to Put You in the Christmas Spirit

If you’re of the crafting persuasion, then you’ve probably already gotten started planning (if not actually doing) your Christmas projects.  If you’re like me, books play a big part in those plans.  I’ve been scouting the internet in search of some ideas for this year’s craft-fest, and I thought I would share a few of my favorite ideas with you. Take a look!


Bookish Ornament

This super-simple ornament is an easy one to do with the kiddos or with friends who are crafting-challenged. (via What Have I Done Now)

Bookish Ornament 2

This ornament project is a little-bit more labor intensive and a require a slightly higher level of skill. (via Loving City Living)

Bookish Ornament 3

This is a beautiful ornament for both the highly-skilled and highly patient.  The end result is so worth it! (via House Revivals)

Centerpieces and Wreaths

Bookish Centerpiece

This is another craft project to file under “easy.” The star is a bit more difficult, but that can be worked around if you aren’t feeling adventurous. (via Craftaphile)

Book Wreath

This wreath is a pretty simple project, too. It just requires a bit of patience when it comes to assembly. (via Homemade by Jill)

Hymnal Angel

This one is a wee-bit more complicated and time consuming.  Risk of paper cut is high, but it’s pretty darn adorable. (via Living in a Monsters World)


A Christmas tree project that puts books, magazines, and junk mail to good use. (via Recycle, eh!)

The great thing about this project is that you can dress these books up anyway you like. Take a look at this variation:


This just requires a hot glue gun and a little stash of decorations. Easy peasy. (via Coco Daisy)

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