Critical Linking: November 14th, 2013

Here’s a pop quiz: according to the measurements used in the new Common Core Standards, which of these books would be complex enough for a ninth grader?  

a. Huckleberry Finn

b. To Kill a Mockingbird

c. Jane Eyre

d. Sports Illustrated for Kids’ Awesome Athletes!

This is freaking crazy.


Publisher Orion engaged graphic designer Sinem Erkas to create a series of covers for six books of late author F Scott Fitzgerald. Inspired by the 1920s Jazz Age, Erkas created bespoke Art Deco-influenced typefaces for each of the six titles—reflecting on the culture of the time that Fitzgerald’s books reference, with a modern touch.



 “Fully 85% of writers responding to PEN’s survey are worried about government surveillance of Americans, and 73% of writers have never been as worried about privacy rights and freedom of the press as they are today.”

Hard to blame them.


The Amazon ecosystem certainly can sell a fair number of copies. Coming Clean, a memoir by writer and actress Kimberly Rae Miller, was released by New Harvest in July 2013 and has sold just over 4,200 copies at BookScan outlets, while Amazon reports the book has sold a total of 56,800 copies (the title was an Amazon Best Book of the Month selection for July).

Maybe I am suspicious but Amazon naming one of its own books as a best book of the month is just…..odd.


But I have to admit that I find ReadQuick surprisingly appealing. It’s kind of thrilling, even a bit surreal, to keep your eyes fixed in one position while words file out of the screen and into your brain—not so much like watching TV as like listening with your eyes.



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