Critical Linking: November 10, 2013

 If it’s acceptable to liken Jennifer Egan’s “A Visit From the Goon Squad” to Proust, then comparing, say, Walter White to Faust shouldn’t be that much of a stretch. And if it’s cool to do that in words, why should pictures be somehow beyond the pale? Would inserting a GIF of a glowering Tony Soprano instead of using his name have somehow cheapened Hynes’ observation? I doubt it.

I appreciate the reasoned support for GIF-usage from a traditional critic, but wonder: do we really need that support?


For a grand total of $225 per semester, Felix rents nine small cubbies, which he has named according to their contents: two “closets” (one for dressy clothes, another for casual), a “desk” (laptop, DVD player, several Ziploc bags filled with pens and pencils, stamps, and important documents), a “nightstand” (hairbands, water bottle, snacks), perhaps the most ironic “bookshelf” in existence, and a “bathroom” (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.). For easy access to his belongings, he has memorized every combination.

Living in the NYU library sounds sort of awesome.


What, if anything, do you read while you’re working on a project?
When I was young there were all sorts of things I couldn’t read when I was writing, but there’s nothing I stop reading now. My own voice doesn’t get drown out anymore.

Ann Patchett is a rock star.




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