Critical Linking: November 6th, 2013


Back in October, NBBJ’s design for a new five-story, three-sphere headquarters for Amazon won the approval of a Seattle design-review board. That means two things: One, new renderings of the project are now available, revealing detail not available before of the project as conceived at night and from the air.

Holy (*#&@$.


Ninety-eight UK publishers went out of business during the past year, 42% more than the year before, figures which reflect an ongoing squeeze on publishers’ profit margins driven by deep retail discounts and new digital business models.

Creative destruction has its downsides. Like the “destruction” part.


In Ms. Bezos’s review, the only one-star review “The Everything Store” has received, she accused Mr. Stone of making factual errors and, noting that Mr. Bezos was “never interviewed for this book,” took issue with Mr. Stone’s use of the phrases “Bezos believed” and “Bezos felt.” Readers, she wrote, should “take note of how seldom these guesses about his feelings and motives are marked with a footnote indicating there is any other source to substantiate them.”

This is just too much fun.


Author Neil Gaiman has been revealed as the final short story author of the Doctor Who stories.

Some of you are probably going to be interested in this.



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