Critical Linking: November 5th, 2013


According to a press release, the museum’s executive director, Greg Viggiano, explained that Washington, D.C. seemed to be a natural place for a sci-fi museum. “We believe Washington, DC is an ideal location for a museum dedicated to science fiction, based in part on the remarkable draw the District’s museums have for people from all over the world.”



The first thing I wanted to know was how well men and women were represented on the lists. I’ve always suspected that men outnumbered women on the list, and when I’ve made that claim before, I’ve been told that’s not true.

But actually, it’s startlingly true.

YA and gender, man.


But how similar are the battle strategies of Ender Wiggin and Katniss Everdeen? From the siblings they fight to protect to the lessons they learn from their forbears, Ender and Katniss actually have quite a bit in common – though, obviously, not everything. WIRED scoured the books, consulted military history, and talked to Navy chief petty officer Timothy Bruns, the military adviser on Ender’s Game, for insight into how these two young freedom fighters stack up.

A strangely interesting thought experiment.


Shaun Narine, associate professor of political science, was at a campus lecture by a journalist who asked the students in attendance (from political science and journalism programs) why young people don’t vote. One student said that it was because students don’t understand the political system, and find it complicated. 

Narine quickly interjected: “Read a book, for God’s sake.”

Probably unhelpfully glib, but there’s a modicum of truth there.


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