Critical Linking: November 1, 2013


These minimalist pictograms hilariously describe a plot of seven classic books. They were designed by Matteo Civaschi and Gianmarco Milesi from a Milan-based design and advertising studio H-57, and are a part of the book Life in Five Seconds, which takes almost 250 inventions, places, animals, books, or world events, and “cuts away all the useless details”.

Too much fun.


Yes, the world of Jane Austen’s novels is getting its first role-playing game and let me explain to you why it’s going to rock your world. It’s called Ever Jane, and it takes the strategy of games like Magic: The Gathering and the social interactions of games like Diplomacy and adds it to the world of polite society in Regency England.

Mind blowing.


The final book in Veronica Roth’s best-selling Divergent trilogy has arrived with a record-breaking bang. First-day sales for Allegiant on Oct. 22 were 455,000 — a company record for publisher HarperCollins.

No wonder it seemed like everyone was reading it last week. It’s because they were.


Under the new regulations, passengers will be able to read e-books and watch videos on their devices without having to turn their devices off during takeoff and landing.

Well, you can now keep using your ereader during take-off and landing. Flying now is 2.3% less terrible.



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