Critical Linking: October 18th, 2013


Just over 1,000 Nobels have been awarded since the prize was first established in 1901. Most of those have been in sciences but there’s also the literature prize and, most famously, the peace prize. We’ve added up every Nobel awarded since 1901 and separated them out by country. The results are fascinating – and revealing.

The results aren’t surprising, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a little disheartening.


Owing to spite or just a foul mood, have you ever peeled one of those stupid Calvin stickers off of a pickup truck?
I figure that, long after the strip is forgotten, those decals are my ticket to immortality.

Bill Watterson gives an extremely rare interview.


Although one can accept the idea that “love ain’t nothing but love” just as one accepts the logically flawed statement “it is what it is,” it becomes more difficult to understand tautological reasoning around non-abstract ideas such as a “party.”

Literary analysis of Miley Cyrus lyrics. Because someone has to.


Catton said the “people whose negative reaction [to ‘The Luminaries’] has been most vehement have all been men over about 45.” She went on to say that there seems to be a misconception by some men of a certain generation that her gender and relative youth have bearing on the book — more than 800 pages long — itself.

Not sure if I am going to get around to reading this book, but I am a big Eleanor Catton fan already.



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