Book Fetish: Volume LXXXXI (Special Edward Gorey Edition)

Sorry, I’m not that Rachel — I’m the Rachel who loves audiobooks and Moby-Dick, and I’m psyched to be your substitute book fetishist for the week while the real Ms. Rachel continues her adventuring.

This spooky season has put me in the mood for some impending doom and catastrophe, so let’s see what Edward Gorey goodies await us on the internets …


Fantod Tarot: If you’re like me, you had absolutely no idea that Edward Gorey illustrated his own joke tarot deck with 20 cards that predict gruesome outcomes, from hair loss to shriveling:

Gorey Fantod Tarot Pack


Bearded Men Magnets: Don’t worry, Etsy designer Debra Glanz offers a huge assortment of cute Gorey pin and magnet sets if impressive facial hair isn’t your jam:

Edward Gorey Magnets


Gashlycrumb Tinies Mugs: My birthday is in two weeks, so you can mail your Gashlycrumb Tinies mugs to me at Book Riot Headquarters. Just kidding! (Not kidding.)

Gashlycrumb Tinies Mug

So Many Books; So Little Time Shirt: The true book-lover’s dilemma. This shirt so gets me, you guys:

So Many Books, So Little Time Shirt


Edward Gorey Soaps: This one takes the WTF prize for the week. Because WTF? I love it so hard. Gorey soaps for everyone this Christmas:

Gorey Soap Bars



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