Critical Linking: October 14th, 2013


Abandoned: Mark Twain Branch, Detroit Public Library



Retailer Amazon has removed several abuse-themed e-books from its Kindle Store after a report highlighted titles depicting rape, incest and bestiality.

It might be a very, very rusty gate, but Amazon gets to be the new gatekeeper.


According to Amazon, the novel ‘Allegiant,’ which is set to come out Oct. 22, is already far outpacing the sales for the third book in the ‘Hunger Games’ series for about the same time before its release.

Seems much more under the cultural radar, even with the movie coming out soon.


Charlie Hunnam is dropping out of the highly anticipated big-screen version of Fifty Shades of Grey just weeks after being cast as the lead, citing his busy schedule.

If you don’t have kids, this is what you say instead of “to spend more time with my family.” I wonder if there’s ever been a movie with as much interest that has been this hard to cast.



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