Critical Linking: October 1st, 2013


The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington is a new center for cutting-edge and compelling scholarship about George Washington, Colonial America, and the Revolutionary Era. Learn more about our research resources, facilities, and upcoming events.

The first American president is the latest to get a presidential library. Very cool.


Although overall online consumption of music decreased during this period, it was still the most consumed content type (35%), along with TV (34%). Video games were the least consumed, at 11% (although this was not significantly lower than computer software or books). 

Not surprising that books are among the least pirated media, but some hard data is good to see.


Lefebvre added that $1.99 is dead ‘not just for us, but also, it seems, on other platforms,’ pointing out that $0.99 KWL titles sell twice as many copies as those at $1.99, and that ‘$2.99 sells more than four times more.’ About 80 percent of the KWL titles that sell consistently are priced in the $2.99–$5.99 range, and he also pointed to ‘a bit of a lift in the $7.99–$9.99 price range.’”

So weird. What is it about $1.99 that turns people off? 


Eggers’ “Mae Holland” is hired from university to work as one of the first employees in “Customer Experience” (where I was hired as one of the first employees in Customer Support). Her name eerily echoes mine in its phonetic structure: Katherine Penney Losse/Maebelline Renner Holland & in short form as well: “Kate Losse/Mae Holland.”

This claim that Dave Eggers ripped off someone’s memoir for The Circle is weird. I mean, there are some similarities, but it’s hard to call it plagiarism. In writing a novel about social networks and Silicon Valley, Eggers may well have read this woman’s book, but isn’t that research? Hmmm.



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