Critical Linking: September 21, 2013

On the deepest levels, your consciousness doesn’t make a distinction between experiences you’ve had and the experiences of characters in stories you’ve heard. This is why fiction is so powerful and why human beings seem to need to tell, collect, and understand stories. Fiction allows you to live more lives in the space-time of one lifetime than you would normally be able to. It allows you to benefit from the outcome of simulations without being exposed to the dangers or time constraints that you would be forced to undergo if you had to live every experience that informs your reality by yourself. In a post-industrial society of tool using primates, like ours, technology is one of the defining factors, and so science fiction, with its tendency to emphasize technology, is a way of running exponentially iterative design processes to conceive and create new technologies.

This is enough to make me want to brush up on my math and science skills and take a crack at M.I.T. 


The definition of ‘book’ is being redefined because of new inventions and technology innovations. Digital devices are making books more accessible to a wider audience, but there is also the worry that hours of scanning the Internet are negatively impacting our ability to read deeply and thoughtfully.

The impact is not necessarily negative.


Rogers said the museum pays royalties to produce the play, but it has never paid for selling the souvenirs. She said tourists want a memento of their visit, and the proceeds are the key to museum’s continued operation and its educational programs.

Museum attorney Matt Goforth said Friday, “We are hopeful this legal dispute, originally initiated by Ms. Lee’s attorneys, will not damage our relationship.”

Ms. Lee’s last law suite made sense.  This one seems like overkill. 


Atwood’s Flipboard magazine is called MaddAdam’s World and offers photos and a variety of content related to the post-apocalyptic world of the novel, which is the final volume in a dystopian trilogy. Martin’s Flipboard magazine is called The World of Ice and Fire and is produced, a Web site of experts on the author. The World of Ice and Fire will offer content on Martin’s novels, comics based on his fiction, gaming, collectibles and more. 

It’s about time that people realize that books are deserving of fandoms. Perhaps this will start a trend.


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