Critical Linking: September 17th, 2013


Have you always wanted to own a copy of The Neverending Story? Now you can! Modern digital book readers and tablets can holds thousands and thousands of books – truly a never-ending supply! Customize your reader with a cover that will bring back the nostalgic moments of luck dragons, noble warriors, and epic quests. 

For those of a certain age, this ereader cover is equal parts awesome and terrifying. 


What I’m going to do and what we’re doing right now, if you go to, I’m going to give away a million dollars in the next twelve months or so to independent bookstores.

You can question that this is a great strategy, but you can’t say that James Patterson isn’t walking the walk.


The New York Times Book Review should embrace its status as a fanzine for literary-fiction diehards.

I don’t know that The NYTBR would use these words, but they sorta already act like this.


The publisher’s notes on the ALLEGIANT manuscript. That’s a lot of Post-Its! We particularly love that even Veronica Roth would refer to Allegiant as “Detergent.”

Pretty funny.



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