Critical Linking: September 12th, 2013


Armed with a crude map (which was soon wet with sweat) printed from a website and a few bottles of unpleasantly warm watermelon juice, I embarked on a grueling, if short, hike up a dusty, unbearably hot trail to a clearing that resembled a homeless camp, except instead of hobos there were a bunch of girls in vintage-y dresses carefully picking through handmade books and magazines. 

It’s like a scavenger hunt that leads to a unmarked bookstore in the woods. 


As a bestseller and the first pick for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0, it led to a flood of correspondence from fans—including an email she read this summer from a woman who “was just halfway into chapter one when she said she sat bolt upright in bed and realized that we had the same father,” Strayed tells NPR.

What if you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and then realized she was your half-sister? Wouldn’t that be…..wild.


“Look, no one is happy with Nook, we know we need a new e-reader strategy but it’s not easy when you look at [the competitors] we’re up against.”

Cheery statements coming from major Barnes & Noble shareholders.


As the summer holidays come to an end, research conducted by Heathrow Airport has shown that 71% of travelers would rather pack their suitcases full of books than opt for a lightweight eReader. Books fare far better around sunscreen, swimming pools and sand, but our love of a good paperback goes deeper – 67% said they prefer to stick with print because they enjoy the feel of a real book in their hands.

One thing keeps me from going all digital on vacation: proximity to water.



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