Book Fetish: Volume LXXXVI

3D Book Art: The French translates to “All my days and all my nights,” and this artist’s framed pieces make unique and eye-catching gifts, especially for weddings.

book art

Cloth “Read” Bookend: A great accent piece for any bookshelf, this bookend comes filled with beans to create a stopper for your heaviest books. Also check out the “Edit” and “Write” bookends for a complete set.

bookend read

Shift Key Prints: Gritty and colorful punctuation prints to highlight your walls, the common denominator is a “shift” key – great for writers and tech geeks alike.

shift key prints

Fairytale Book Quilt Pattern: The beauty is in the details for this quilt, and if you’re craftily inclined (i.e. really talented) this is a great DIY for a little princess or prince to curl up under.


Liquid Bookmark: Each bookmark is unique and hand-poured, making for a funky way to mark your spot.



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