Sites We Like: Type Hunting

Type Hunting is the simplest of tumblrs (just images) of seemingly ordinary objects (mostly commercial packaging and signage), but its focus on the fonts of early to mid-century mass market objects makes for enchanting browsing. Site creator Jonathan Lawrence is a graphic designer in Atlanta, who clearly loves the history of his trade.

A worthy addition to your tumblr dashboard, wouldn’t you say?

tumblr_ma2jlqAOkY1rg7j4jo1_500 copy tumblr_mbvc2d0Tb31rg7j4jo1_500 copy tumblr_meujjslnnx1rg7j4jo1_500 copy tumblr_mh07gwOqeu1rg7j4jo1_500 copy 2 tumblr_mh07i1ea7a1rg7j4jo1_500 copy tumblr_mie1vpcSYB1rg7j4jo1_500 copy tumblr_mie1xeAbGr1rg7j4jo1_500 copy


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