Bookmobile + Picasso = Amazing

Say you’re the people behind the Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library. You’ve recently founded a community-building subscription library in Houston. You’ve rescued a bookmobile from an ignominious end in Ohio and brought it back to Texas to house your library, which you’ve named after a character from a Kurt Vonnegut novel. You’ve spent the last six months sharing books at farmers markets and local events alongside some of the buzziest food trucks in the country. You’ve been interviewed for Book Riot (by our very own Cassandra Neace) and profiled on Boing Boing (by our very own me).

How do you possibly get cooler?

Well, you could paint a totally weird, totally bookish Picasso painting onto the side of your bookmobile. And since the folks who run the Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library seem to have this being-cool thing down pat, that’s exactly what they did. Check it out:

BPTL Picasso 1


BPTL Picasso 2

BPTL Picasso 3

BPTL Picasso 4

BPTL Picasso 5

It makes you think about what other works of art should be splashed up on the side of a bookmobile.

It has all the cheerfulness of a punch in the face—it’s an Edward Hopper, after all—but I vote for “Compartment C, Car 293.” It’d really drive the books-on-the-move thing home. Plus, gorgeous:

Hopper Reading

What would you pick?


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