The Week’s Most Popular Posts: August 10-16, 2013

Let’s take a look back at the most popular posts from the week that was…

E-reading isn’t REAL reading. = I need my personal preferences about my hobby to be validated as the only right and moral way do to a thing.

Making crafts out of old books is a DESECRATION! = I’ve never seen a library dumpster.

I only read prize-winners/confirmed classics *sniff*. = I don’t know how to think for myself.

-from Shit Books Snobs Say: Translations by Amanda Nelson


Emma Thompson (Sense and SensibilityHarry Potter)

“I think books are like people, in the sense that they’ll turn up in your life when you most need them. After my father died, the book that sort of saved my life was Gabriel García Márquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. Because of that experience, I firmly believe there are books whose greatness actually enables you to live, to do something. And sometimes, human beings need story and narrative more than they need nourishment and food.” (O magazine)




-from 8 Actors on Books and Reading by Jeanette


According to Plato, Socrates mocked people who kept books, because he said they used them as a crutch. By owning books, they believed they owned the knowledge in the books, even though they might have never even read them (I’d love to find out what his response would be to the Twitter hive mind). Of course, Socrates himself never wrote a word—he was more interested in thoughts than words—but even if his basic argument that the only knowledge people truly possess is what’s in their own heads is true, there are more reasons why people hold onto books than just because they think books will make them smarter. 

-from Why Keep Books? by Tasha Brandstatter


If your new neighbors are insufferable in every way, and scarcely qualify as civilized: Domestic Manners of the Americans, Fanny Trollope

domestic manners of the americans
When she relocated to the (still-young) United States, Fanny Trollope found pretty much nothing to her satisfaction, so naturally she wrote a book about it, and the result serves as an example to everyone who wants to master the use of snark.

-from 10 Books to Read When You’re Moving by Sarah Rettger


And the week’s most popular post over at Food Riot was…

Since I got my wok, it has become one of my favorite kitchen tools. It’s a happy medium between my skillet, which is wide and fairly shallow, and my soup pot, which is deep and a bit unwieldy if I’m not cooking a large batch of food in it. I opted for the nonstick model, mostly because I fail miserably at keeping pans seasoned–and if I don’t fail, hubs ends up scrubbing it shiny again by accident. (This is a thing that happened when I owned a metal wok. I was heartbroken.)

-from 5 Things To Do With A Wok That Aren’t Stir-Fry by Susie Rodarme


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