Critical Linking for August 7th, 2013


The report also discovered that women led 58 percent of book spending in 2012, gaining three percentage points compared to the year before.

Long been known that women buy more books, but I didn’t realize that the spread is accelerating.


“There’s only one powerful voting block out there whose only interest is in promoting authorship, books and knowledge to the exclusion of things like shareholders or Kindle e-book sales and [platform] lock-ins, or ad sales, or the invasion of privacy, and that’s libraries.”

Cory Doctorow championing the champions.


Describing my book as magical realism does make me feel like a witch doctor in blue jeans. I’ve got a friend who calls me Shaman Perplexy. I like that. Isn’t all fiction (and nonfiction) magical realism? Aren’t we all making shit up? And, if we do it well enough, it can feel surreal.

Sherman Alexie seems like a lot of fun.


“I thought I was a Dostoyevskian. Well, we decided to do Anna Karenina and I thought it would be simple. Just Tolstoy, nothing to it. Just straight narrative. I was astonished, when I started working on it, how false that idea was and how difficult it was. But also how tremendously rewarding it was. . . . I began to read the book, I began  to see what he does, and to feel his art.”

If I had a superpower, I would definitely pick flight. But the ability to read and speak all languages would be in the top 10. 


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