Book Fetish: Volume LXXXI

Paper Towns Tee: John Green’s YA novel comes to life in typographic, wearable form.


Handwritten Quote Dishware: Can’t bear to stop reading even for breakfast? Have your favorite quotes inked onto your cereal bowl or mug or plate… Like this from Orson Welles: “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”


Middle Earth Bowtie: Just in case you find yourself in Tolkien’s Middle Earth with no way out, it would be quite handy to keep a map handy.

middle earth

Dickens Wall Art: Black-and-white depiction of an iconic Charles Dickens quote – one of many I want to hang on my walls.


Hunger Games Tee: Handy with a bow? You can totally with keep up with Katniss.



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