The Week’s Most Popular Posts: July 13-19, 2013

A look at the most popular posts from the week that was…

Javier Bardem reading from RUNAWAY BUNNY

Javier Bardem reading from RUNAWAY BUNNY

-from Love You Forever: 5 of Hollywood’s Sexiest Men Read to You From Children’s Classics by Minh Le


3 Poll Venn

-from 20 Books You Pretend to Have Read by Rebecca Joines Schinsky


Teens don’t read books like Anderson’s or Ness’s, Blume’s or Cormier’s, or any other books published as YA each year as how-to guides. They don’t read them as prescriptions for how to engage in violence or how to join gangs or how to be promiscuous (which only ever applies to teen girl characters anyway). They’re smart enough to know the whole story matters. That challenges and situations matter in context — their adolescence.

Do adults read Gone Girl as a prescription for how to ruin a marriage?

-from What Are Grown-Ups Afraid of in YA Books? by Kelly Jensen


The thing about reading in bed is it’s really comfy. You’ve got a blanket, you’re stretched out, some tea that you can dribble all over yourself and your pillow (if you’re me), and some cats trying to lie on your book. It seems pretty nice!

The problem is, it’s also where you sleep, and your sleeping-in-bed time probably outnumbers your reading-in-bed time.

-from 3 Steps to Reading Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Peter Damien


The week’s most popular post from over at Food Riot was….

It’s mid-summer-ish and you’re all worried about your body. Like, more than usual. So you go to the market and stock up on vegetables, and then go home and eat chips. As one does.

But a week later, you’re like, OH RIGHT, those vegetables. Now you have mad produce to eat quickly. Here’s how you put it down your throat (or into the freezer for later, like a GRASSHOPPER [wait, he’s the one who dithers all summer and then dies. Like an ant. Here’s how to make food LIKE AN ANT {wait…}]):

-from The Great Produce Takeover: How to Eat Your Crisper Down by Raych Kreuger


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