The Week’s Most Popular Posts: July 6-12, 2013

Take a look at the most popular posts from the week that was…

Pride and Prejudice Parks and Recreation 8

from Pride and Prejudice meets Parks and Recreation: A Mashup Universally Acknowledged by Minh Le


7. The Entertainment Weekly 100 Greatest Novels Ever — This list appeared in the July 5/12, 2013 print issue of the magazine — and therefore, sadly, is not available online. But I’d suggest beg, borrowing, or stealing a copy — I love it because it includes things like Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (at No. 54) directly adjacent to Gone With The Wind (at No. 53). Also, it includes Atlas Shrugged at No. 36. You can do with that information whatever you want. Its No. 1 is Anna Karenina, which wouldn’t be most readers’ pick, I’d guess, but it’s in the conversation.

from The 10 Best Top 100 Book Lists by Greg Zimmerman


Beatrix Potter's Birthday

When we get back to 2008, there’s a celebration for a female literary icon, and it’s in honor of Beatrix Potter’s birthday. (Interesting side note: this is the only Doodle honoring a female in the US to date).

from Best of Literary Google Doodles by Kelly Jensen


For your resident cranky baby.


from 10 Pieces of Shakespeare Swag by Amanda Nelson


And the most popular post over at Food Riot was…


“Practically makes itself” and then uses its new-found sentience to slither out of the fridge, glom up your stairs, latch onto your face, and suffocate you while you sleep.

from The 6 Most Disturbing Things I Found in My Mother’s 70s Cookbook by Caitlin Van Horn


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