Critical Linking: July 13, 2013

But books are not bars of soap. When you go online to buy a book, you are not merely paying for a file full of random ones and zeros. You’re buying the original ideas and stories contained within that book, and frankly nobody has any idea how much those ideas are worth until people start reading them.

And this is why the pay-what-you-want model should be the industry standard.


Also, note that I have a ™–once again, once your brand becomes big enough to warrant consideration for use in other media such as TV or movies, gaining ownership of all the aspects of branding helps make sure creative control remains in your, the author’s, hands. 

For someone who admires Hugh Howey so much, it seems like she’s going so far in the other direction as to be counterproductive.


Even some big publishers are getting into the game by dumping cheap OCR converted ebooks full of errors onto the market. Again, a casual reader has no way to know whether this particular big publisher is one that does a quality ebook version or one who pumps out ebook ‘lemons’ by the virtual truckload.

If only there were a place to let other readers know about publishers who sell ebook ‘lemons’ like, I don’t know…the internet?


Do you think you’d get less flak about the cat “event” if you were the dad?

I’ve got five words for you: Man With the Yellow Hat. “Hey George, you sit here on the chain-saw assembly line, I have to go run some errands.” “Hey George, be a good little monkey and clean up this hot lava while I play with my geode collection.”

She’s not bitter. Not at all.


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