Critical Linking: July 12th, 2013


The organization helps young families learn how to read together and impresses upon parents that they are their child’s most important teacher. “The founders said, ‘We talk about nutrition, sugar, seat belts, car seats, exercise and such, why not start incorporating the message of the importance of reading?’”

Let’s start off today with a good one, eh?


As “Argo” director Ben Affleck preps his next movie “Live By Night” for Warners, the actor has begun negotiating to play the male lead in David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” people familiar with the project told TheWrap.

Yes. This, I like.


“They are wondering, ‘If we knock off only 10 percent as opposed to 35 percent, where do we come out ahead?’ ” Mr. Matthews said. “They don’t care how many books they sell. They want to know how many dollars they get.”

See, Amazon doesn’t want to sell books as cheaply as they can anymore. They want to sell books as expensively as they can and still sell a ton of books. 


A rise in prices and a drop in sales might just speed the day when the print book become an artifact, a kind of luxury version of literature prized for its beauty as an object but not taken seriously as a vehicle for the everyday business of reading.

I’ve wondered about this. It’s not that ebooks need to push print all the way to zero percent of the market, just far enough that maintaining print isn’t cost-effective. Who knows exactly where that tipping point might be, but if say print is only 25% of the market in 10 years, is it worth keeping the production and distribution models in place?



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