Critical Linking: July 8th, 2013


Dan Brown’s Inferno is the bestselling print and Kindle e-book so far this year, but, unlike last year when the 20 books on our print and Kindle e-book year-to-date bestseller lists looked very similar at the top, there’s a big difference between the two for the first six months of 2013.

Would it be so hard and terrible to also tell us how many copies these best-selling books have sold? It’s not like they are nuclear launch codes or the new iPhone or something really important.


“We thought being on iBooks and Amazon would be a huge multiplier,” Feldman said. “What’s actually happened is that we’ve seen that the App Store is a massive channel with 10 to 30 times the sales of the iBookstore.”

Interesting to think of books, especially non-fiction, as a kind of app. 


Sales data provided to The Huffington Post by Nielsen show that sales of Deen’s recent cookbooks have exploded since the scandal.

I don’t think I like this.



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