Critical Linking: July 5th, 2013



This place is the Newsstand, a pop-up shop that has transformed an ordinary subway space into a store for independently published magazines, books, comics and zines. In a digitalized world, it is a small haven for printed media.

A retail spot for underground publications that is itself underground. 


After sitting for a photo, he killed time reading “Moby-Dick” and eating a late lunch. A reporter might observe the pretentiousness of the young actor showing up with a thick paperback classic, except that he knew the book and talked at length about Herman Melville’s personal travails. 

Micheal Cera just seems really cool.


For books that you authorize to be sold for rental periods, currently Google allows you to provide a “Rental List Price” for each authorized rental period as a percentage of the ebook list price for the book.

More movement toward wider adoption of ebook rental.


My goal with Camp Half-Blood & Camp Jupiter is a straightforward one: bring the books to life.  Camps based on books seemed like a good idea when I started this journey and it’s turned into a passion.





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