Critical Linking: June 29, 2013

In order to be good at football, I need to focus on what makes me good at football. That’s one of the reasons I wrote the book. Entertainment is good, we need entertainment, but we can’t value it so highly that we lose sight of what makes us great. I’m fully aware doing this book could make me lose my job. Coaches hate distraction.

While I would normally be turned off by a title like Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, I am (as a reader) quite turned on by a football player that has his priorities (mostly) straight.


I had learned to be careful with the wishes of departed literary eminences. My initial purpose in going to the Morgan, where I encountered the swami letters, was to seek to do for the Salinger estate what I had done for the Vladimir Nabokov estate.

That resulted in the publication of Laura, which probably should have stayed lost.


Female characters are, in my humble opinion, better vehicles for a writer to explore all aspects of the human psyche free of the limitations and pre-conceptions imposed by the curse of stereotype-itis that afflicts male characters. A male lead is beset by doubts and indecision and the appellation ‘weak’ heads his way: a female lead is beset by doubts and indecision and she is seen as ‘sensitive’.

But isn’t sensitivity seen as a weakness?


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