Critical Linking: June 28th, 2013


A very interesting item has been listed for sale on – a fully functioning reproduction of the Gutenberg Press.  You can put a piece of history in your living room and print your own books. It’s one third scale of the original and hand-built from oak, and the seller reports that it is more than 138 years old.

It measures about 3 ½ feet high x 3″ feet wide and weighs approximately 150 lbs. It comes with a 1/3 scale magnesium stereotype plate of a 1611 King James Bible page, featuring the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20.

In the enormous private library of my dreams, I have one of these. And infinite coffee. And nowhere to be.


This fall a new national “library staff picks list” will debut under the name LibraryReads. All public library staff will be welcome to nominate new adult titles that they have read, loved, and are eager to share with patrons via the website, which will go live today at noon. The ten most frequently recommended titles will be calculated monthly, and beginning this autumn, the resulting list will be publicized and promoted by librarians in branches as well as in patron newsletters, websites, etc.

This sounds great.


As it is in the schoolyard, so it is in the book section: the only style that gets a male writer beaten up is wearing his heart on his sleeve.

And like the schoolyard, the only people who act this way in the book sections are morons.


The wonderful bestselling novel by uber-cool novelist Neil Gaaiman [sic] is now officially in the pipeline for production on HBO, possiby debuting as early as 2013, according to this article from The show will have a budget of $40 million and will rely heavily upon CGI effects.

And here’s the kicker: HBO is planning on SIX seasons. Wow.



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