Critical Linking: June 19th, 2013

map of libraries

An interactive map of all the public libraries in the United States. Whoa.


A new form of DRM developed in Germany alters words, punctuation and other text elements so that every consumer receives a unique version of an eBook. By examining these “text watermarks”, copies that end up on the Internet can be traced back to the people who bought and allegedly pirated them.

This sounds  like a really good terrible idea. Or a terrible good idea. Can’t tell which.


Discovery is only one facet of Evoke, however: engagement with the characters is also a prominent feature. The platform will feature character-specific pages, including galleries of annotation composites (user-generated compilations of text), images, video, and audio. The goal is to spur a community dialogue around each character and enable “a character’s collective identity to empower a number of diverse perspectives in one visually stunning environment,” in Axline’s words.

I have a feeling that the Mr. Darcy page will be some people’s….special place.


Confident that Hilderbrand could stick to a more grueling schedule of delivering a thick novel—most of her books are well over 300 pages—every year, the team at Hachette set out to imprint readers (and booksellers) with the idea that they should look for an escapist, but not necessarily frothy, novel of hers every summer. At the same time, Little, Brown took care to move Hilderbrand away from being classified as a romance novelist.

Fascinating stuff. One thing that self-pubbed folks should envy.


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