Critical Linking: June 14th, 2013


But basically, if a publisher thinks your book won’t sell, it doesn’t matter who you know; who you’re sleeping with, where you went to university or how often you’ve been on TV – it still won’t be published.

Notice it’s not “if your publisher thinks your book isn’t good.”


We are THRILLED AND TICKLED BEYOND BELIEF to announce the launch of Lizzie Skurnick Books, your gateway to the best YA from the 1930s through the 1970s. Get ready: Starting this fall, we’ll be publishing a novel a month for your pleasure, delectation, and book-collecting needs.

Vintage YA.


According to a recent New York Post article, one parent is upset after students at York Prep in Manhattan were asked to write suicide notes from the perspective of a suicidal character in the book The Secret Life Of Bees. The assignment, which was given to ninth-grade students, asked them to justify –- from the perspective of character May Boatwright -– why they wanted to commit suicide.

I’m really surprised this went sideways.


From the data he can see that two weeks after the release of The Fault in Our Stars he was no longer selling books through affiliate links clicked on by his followers on his Youtube or Twitter channels. This is a key point for those of us hearing that social media is everything.

Doesn’t hurt to have a huge social media following, but that only gets you so far, even if you are John Green.

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