Critical Linking: The Most-Read Stories, June 3-8, 2013

Here are the most-read stories from the last week in Critical Linking…


Country music legend Dolly Parton has delivered nearly 50 million free books to children’s homes. Called Imagination Library, the program started in 1996 in one one rural Tennessee county and has spread to 1,400 communities across the United States, England and Canada.

We have some of these in our house right now. Unbelievable program.


The problem, as Perez and others see it, is that Amazon’s publishing program simply misunderstands what fandom is about. To them, the often collaborative process of fan fiction can’t be shoehorned into a single ebook file.

I always forget how no one ever makes money off fandom.


California and Texas may have been the states with the most bookstores in 2012, but the state with the most bookstores per capita was Montana.

You could have given me ten guesses and I still would have missed this by a country mile.


Set in AD 2540, this influential novel goes way beyond the science fiction genre and asks many searching questions about the effects of technology, industrialization and mass production on society in general.  Priced at $8,750, this is the most expensive copy of Brave New World ever sold by AbeBooks.

First edition in a very good dust jacket. Not bad.


“If a building is going to be built, it shouldn’t be a shopping center but a library. I know that’s a romantic idea but isn’t this whole protest a romantic idea?” 

The world could benefit from more romanticism and less practicality.

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