Critical Linking: June 3rd, 2013


Astoria Bookshop will be the borough’s only independent book store — and Beach thinks the gentrifying neighborhood will support her store at 31-29 31st St.

That “gentrifying” snuck in there is pretty interesting, eh?


BEA felt like a battle of cynicism versus enthusiasm…

This is the paradox of today’s book world. It is wonderful time to be a reader and damn hard time to be a seller.


Back in 2009 Rangoon, Burma resident Ye Htet Oo started running an unauthorized library, “and was told he could face three months in jail for every book he lent without permission from the censorship board.”

This dude is the coolest.


so i got a phone call today from a representative of Amazon! apparently, he was given the task of reaching out to independent bookstores in order to ‘build’ a ‘relationship’ with the indies in order to ‘partner’ with us in a program to sell Kindles in our store…yea, really

In all fairness, this guy’s last job was selling ice to Eskimos.


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