Critical Linking: May 24th, 2013


Reducing an entire genre to one person’s books as a source of comparison is limiting and reductive of the nuances, the depth, and the range of voices that exist within it. Believe it or not, John Green is not the be all, end all of contemporary realistic YA fiction.

I hope you have your nerdfighter repellant handy.


One caveat is that Open Road wants to run special sales involving promotional codes — to give a reader 10 percent off a title, for instance. Friedman said that with the exception of Sony, the retailers don’t support these yet, and so Open Road might run a limited number of promotions itself in the future.

Man, it’s stupid that online retailers don’t support promotional codes. This would work, folks.


If readers upgrade their ‘phone or tablet then why should they have to buy the same book content again?

Ummmmm. You know you don’t have to do this, right? You’ve heard of apps, right?


At the time of the final Borders store closings in September 2011, Borders had approximately 17.7 million outstanding gift cards with unredeemed balances of $210.5 million.

You mean there are people out there that don’t use gift cards within 17 minutes of getting them? Freaks.

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