The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 11-17, 2013

Rosenblum: “My niece, upon seeing the first Harry Potter movie asked why Harry and Hermione and Ron always went to the ‘library’ at Hogwarts to look stuff up. ‘Why don’t they just google it?’ A reasonable question.”

Besides the ridiculousness of this statement (I mean, why would secret material about the Dark Arts even BE on the web?), it makes me legitimately sad to think that a kid wouldn’t understand why a library is a valuable place. Besides, J.K. Rowling loves libraries!

-from A Librarian’s Response to “What’s a LIbrary?” by Rita Meade


Gone with the Wind was to be called:

Gone With The Wind

Sounds…. 50-Shades naughty.

-from 5 Books with Awful Original Titles by Johann Thorrson


I read it because I finally talked myself into the idea (maybe call it the “Downtown Abbey Effect”) that I could be interested in this story, as British and soapy as it may be. And I’m here to tell you (even without stupid zombies), if you’re a dude, and you’ve rejected this novel out of hand (despite its canonical status) because it’s “only for women,” you’re wrong. It IS a good story, and despite your own pride and prejudices about this novel (did you see what I did there?), there’s plenty of fun to be had.

-from Five Reasons Dudes Should Read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Greg Zimmerman


Book staircase by Thatcher Wine. Photo from Juniper Books

Book staircase by Thatcher Wine. Photo from Juniper Books

It may look like this staircase, in the Juniper Books warehouse, is stacked with books. But those are actually guillotined spines from leftover bestsellers glued to the risers, giving impressions of both depth and bookish abundance.

-from Awesome Bookish Staircases by Derek Attig


And the most popular post from Food Riot this week was…



I have been told I have the sexiest fridge in the world. I cannot disagree. It’s a three-quarter sized sexy silver beast.

-from What’s In Your Fridge: Bringing Sexy Back by Liberty Hardy


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