Critical Linking: May 16th, 2013


And I have a real problem with this idea that only what is “good” deserves financial success, or that something is off when what is “not good” sells eleventy billion copies.  Because I think there is a judgment implied there that carries over to the reader – like, we can dismiss the thoughts of Twilightfans, because we’ve already decided we can dismiss Twilight.

This, I like.


Ebooks made up 20% of the U.S. consumer book industry in 2012, up from 15% in 2011. 

33% year-over-year growth. Slower by percentage, much bigger by total volume. 


We have managed the publishing part, thanks in large part to the fact that my husband is a book-designer himself and was able both to sub and format the manuscript. The next part requires one to be good at publicity and marketing, two skills that take many years to acquire. People devote acres of print and whole theses to this topic. And yet I am presuming to send a tweet to the general public (or whoever) saying – ‘Buy my book! ‘Cos it’s jolly good! I know it’s good, so it must be!!!1!’

Very successful self-published writers are mostly very successful marketers who have a book to sell. 


BookLikes is a blog platform designed particularly for people interested in books, with functions dedicated to readers which makes it a better choice for book bloggers than other platforms, e.g. Blogspot, Tumblr or WordPress. The service makes it possible to easily share book reviews using specially designed templates.

Man, I was JUST thinking about how there weren’t enough reader-generated reviews out there. 

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