Critical Linking: May 9th, 2013


As Mr. Salerno delivers his final cut, the marketers face particularly tough decisions about how much to show in a trailer. They must also figure out whether a screening at a late summer film festival, where prize contenders often start their march toward the Oscars, can work for a picture that has to protect its secrets while selling them.

Seems to me you are either interested in a JD Salinger documentary or you aren’t.


Over 26% of respondents are parents of school-age children, 61% are white, and 62% have degrees or some college. This is not a national data sample, and we need to be cautious in using these statistics and question the source.

Hmmm. Looks like that survey about how much Americans love libraries might really been a survey of how much white, college-educated parents love libraries. 


Google and the Authors Guild are wrangling in court again, with the latter asking for $3 billion in damages related to Google’s digital books project.

$3 billion dollars. Good luck with that.


I have been reading books with a grandnephew over the last several months. We call it the Family Almost Book Club. He is in 9th grade and a voracious reader. Most of the titles we have read are YA, a genre that was almost unknown to me.

A book club just for family members. I kinda love this.

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