The List List #55

at Terrible Minds, 25 Humpalicious Steps for Writing Your First Sex Scene

at Biographile, Biographies Recommended for the Characters of Parks & Recreation

at Rachelle Gardner’s blog, 5 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

at Flavorwire, Literary Figures With the Weirdest Obsessions

at The Guardian, Top 10 Books About Cities

at The Huffington Post, 7 Impossible, But Delicious Romantic Author Pairings

at NPR Books, 4 Fantastic Books of Poetry

at Barnes & Noble, David Sedaris’ 5 Weirdest Book Titles

at Writer Unboxed, Oxymorons for Writers

at Deja Reviewer, 10 Films That Contradict the Endings of the Books They’re Based On

at Quirk Books, The Best Boyfriends in Books


At Refinery 29, 19 Reasons Hermione is More Kick-Ass Than Katniss


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