Critical Linking: May 2nd, 2013


Over a quarter of New York City’s 8.2 million residents borrow books from the city’s three public library systems. For those who cannot afford to buy downloads, digital books from libraries are essential to improving literacy, civic engagement and the technological facility necessary for economic success.

You know, that third item, “technological facility,” should be talked about more. In the future, when we use the term “literacy,” it probably will include at least basic facility with technology–even if that basic facility is only the curiosity to learn about new technologies.


I wouldn’t want to be friends with Nora, would you? Her outlook is almost unbearably grim.

For heaven’s sake, what kind of question is that?

I love when authors tell us what kinds of questions we can and can’t ask.


Natalie Portman will join previously announced Michael Fassbender on the latest Macbeth to hit the screen.

Don’t you know that you just refer to it as “the Scottish play?” You’ve just doomed the internet.


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