Critical Linking: April 24th, 2013


Amazon says the Singles store is profitable, having sold nearly five million copies since it opened in January 2011. But the program is as much about gaining entree into the literary world as it is about revenue.

Kindle Singles is a pond I haven’t waded into yet, but it seems that many others have.


There are a million retail-sales clerks and 115,000 janitors with four-year degrees, he says. In 1970, just two-tenths of 1 percent of taxi drivers had college degrees. “Fifteen percent of the taxi drivers have college degrees now, we’re told by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

Another way to read that last statistic: 85% of taxi drivers don’t have a four-year degree.


Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley of Rice University recently toured the Bush museum; he called it “beautifully designed” but predicted that it would spark controversy. “It’s going to be mocked and trashed by liberal Democrats, and conservative Republicans are going to say what a marvelous place it is,” he said. As for Bush’s potential place in history, he said, “It’s going to be hard for him to rehabilitate fully.”

I love presidential libraries and museums.


While it’s not clear when the Jean Cocteau will reopen, it seems certain that Martin himself will not be manning the ticket booth. The prolific author also sought to reassure his fans that the purchase would not distract him from continuing work on the Game of Thrones series and other writing.

George RR Martin buys a movie theater. I got no jokes about that.


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