Critical Linking: April 11th, 2013


In fact, I’m thinking about starting a women’s prize here in the United States, to be given out once a year, every year, until gender parity in the arts is achieved.

There are many problems about how women are treated everywhere in American culture, but does a dedicated book prize do much? Consider this: exactly half of the last 20 National Book Awards for fiction have gone to women.


“People wore their hats and dressed up and if they were late they had to pay a dime,” Clark told Page Views. “They could miss three meetings a year. It’s all in our bylaws.”

This book club didn’t suffer fools.


62 percent of libraries are the sole provider of computers and Wi-Fi for free in their community.

My local library seems to be mostly a wi-fi hotspot with a bunch of bookshelves. Not saying that’s bad, just that the services that libraries provide are just as important now, even if they aren’t always the same.


Since 1975, tenure and tenure-track professors have gone from roughly 45 percent of all teaching staff to less than a quarter. Meanwhile, part-time faculty are now more than 40 percent of college instructors, as shown by the line soaring towards the top of the graph. 

Throw in grad students, and more than half of all college classes are taught by part-timers or grad students.



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