Critical Linking: April 10th, 2013

Sam Tanenhaus is stepping down as New York Times Book Review editor to become writer at large. Children’s book editor Pamela Paul replaces him.

Could this move be VIDA-related?


“Your average reader isn’t interested in that. They don’t realize they are being fed corporate propaganda.”

Isn’t ending a story about how your competitors are doing business differently than you with the phrase “corporate propaganda” itself a kind of “corporate propaganda”?


Apple has refused to carry Saga #12 via any of its app-based platforms because of two small gay sex scenes, writer Brian K. Vaughan has written in a press release.

It’s a good thing iPhones and iPads don’t have web browsers on them because do you know how much porn could get on them then?


Results from the first installment in Volume Four of the survey show 44% of e-book readers prefer a tablet, up from 37% in the August 2012 survey, while those preferring a dedicated e-reader fell from 49% to 42%.

At some point dedicated ereaders are going to seem like those first-gen cellular phones that were hard-wired to the dashboard of your car. A cool transitional technology, but surpassed by a more flexible one.

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