Critical Linking: April 1, 2013


“In a press conference held late Saturday afternoon, Bezos indicated that he has no plans to interfere with the stores’ day-to-day operations, noting ‘Customers value the recommendations they receive from these booksellers, and maintaining their satisfaction with the so-called showroom experience is Amazon’s top priority.'”

The Godfather makes 50 independent bookstores an offer they can’t refuse.


“The imprint, to be called 52 Shades, will publish one new work of ‘active romance’ acquired and edited by James every week in 2014.”

E.L. James, publisher.


“Though Ware has never worked in animation, he is excited about the challenge and looks forward to bringing his unconventionally-told story to a new and wider audience in a more familiar medium.”

Building Stories: coming soon to a TV near you.


“What we’re trying to do with Brohuggers is get these sensitive, self-aware kids who have never really felt like they have a place socially to realize that the popular, goofy kids feel that way too. Everyone does. You don’t have to be a nerd to feel nerdy.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Nerdfighters 2.0.


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