The Week’s Most Popular Posts: March 23-29, 3013

It’s happened again. You’ve logged on to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, just minding your own business, when suddenly someone has recommended a book you haven’t read, its TITLE IN ALL CAPS practically demanding you go put it on your “to read” list right now.

from When You Realize You Can’t Read All the Things by Jill Guccini


32 square feet. One door. One window. One skylight. One bed. One table. A wall of bookshelves. And that’s it.

from The Read Nest (You Know You Want One) by Jeff O’Neal


4. Whorum: confusing “who” for “whom” or vice versa.

While noting a “whorum” does show the reader where the mistake is and how to fix it, whorums usually indicate a fundamental misunderstanding, as most of us have to pause already to figure out if we need to use “whom.”

from Invented Words for Common Writing Mistakes by Jeff O’Neal


In my perfect world, my friends would just tell me about books they love and leave it there. (And hey, maybe they will now that I’m writing about this on the internet! How’s that for awkward?)

from What to Do When Friends Give You Books You Don’t Want to Read by Rebecca Joines-Schinsky


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