Critical Linking: March 30, 2013

A future paradox where we are the cause of our existence, and thus the death of the Dinosaurs might be the most nerd-heavy application of an ontological paradox we can think of. Dinosaurs AND spaceships? Yes please.’s Dinosaur Week may have been the BEST THING EVER.


Despite all of the places he’s travelled, despite the near-infinite reach of his fiction, there is nevertheless a tendency, I find, to think of the media-averse Pynchon as hermetically sealed in a vat of his own ideas, puns, and fears. His famous paranoia has to it a pervasive, timeless quality, equally suspicious of all creeds and systems, of individuals and corporations alike.

I imagine that somewhere this writer has a copy of V. sealed in a tupperware container.


With all due respect to all the lovely people who are trying to use cutting edge technology to make composition (or other writing-based) MOOCs possible, I don’t need to conduct an experiment to know whether you can turn lead into gold, even if Bill Gates wants it to be so.

Not everything works online, as much as we might want it to.


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