Critical Linking: March 28th, 2013


Halpern’s definition of literary fiction seems like a winning one too: it stands out for its “allegiance to language”.

Some people seem really hung up on trying to define literary fiction. This attempt seems as good as any, but it makes you realize how little “there” there is to the idea of literary fiction.


It’s half an interactive story map, with the main characters plotted to locations over time (“where was Prue in Chapter 7?”). Readers swipe a Chapter Ribbon and see the diverging paths the main characters take as they travel throughout the book. This isn’t really a game, but it does convey story. It’s a tool, or even a toy; an aide to deeper understanding of the book to those who’ve read it and a compelling tease for those who haven’t.

Someone is going to something really cool with something like this some day. Imagine if Building Stories was an interactive game/story, for example.


Has he grandiosely claimed he could have written better versions of all the books you discuss?

Ways to tell if you have a loser in your book club.


And when we’re feeling low, reading about romance in the pages of a good book, can be just the reminder we all need to get out there and keep trying.

“People should read more romance novels,” says the  romance-novel author.

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