Critical Linking: March 27th, 2013


Could the e-reader support texts that could be read only if more than one person were reading it – and what issues of trust might that raise? Or that could only be read at specific times and in specific places? Could there be texts that no one reader has access to in their entirety, and if so, what communities of interpretation might grow up around them?

Could ebooks make us fat? Could they read our minds? What’s stopping them from killing us all in our sleep!?! ____________________________

Another agent-assisted self-publishing option now being pushed by Amazon KDP is the White Glove Program. Amazon KDP’s need for exclusivity is the driving force behind the White Glove Program (WGP), but they’re being smart about it. The program is only available to agented authors—their gatekeepers for quality assurance—and offers a modicum of promotion to represented authors.

One sign of a profession and industry in transit is the number of hyphenates needed to describe things. ____________________________

“I’m going to self-publish, because that’s just the world right now and I think it’s cool.”

Jim Carrey, publishing insider.


There’s an aspect to traditional books which is lost in even the best electronic reader, which is Accidental Discovery: i’m reading this or that, and leave it laying about the house, and you visit and see it, or you’re perusing my book-shelves to see what i’m up to, and find something which interests you. I’m a technologist, and i worry that this casual, accidental, and as you mention, social means of discovering by talking about books is threatened by devices which need to be explicitly searched in order to find out what they hold.

If only we randomly came across what people were reading on giant social networks on the internet. Oh wait.


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