Critical Linking: March 26th, 2013


The entire rhythm of the narrative would be undercut because the reader would know, from the very first page, everything Portia was ignorant of. Then again, it occurred to me that readers coming to the book second would know what happens no matter when the revelations came in the film; I had already agreed to that when I agreed to the principle of adaptation. Maybe it just hadn’t hit me until that moment.

Apparently, that film adaptations are different than the books still surprises people….even writers having their work adapted.


I know about ebooks and all that stuff.

Philip Roth, not getting it. At all.


At the same time, you do often do you find that, no, it’s not the person your friend set you up with on that date that you’re attracted to but the person sitting next to them at the dinner party — maybe it’s the host, their mutual friend, etc. You had enough in common to find yourself in the same room together, but the correlation wasn’t so obvious.

That’s true serendipity. And that is something a computer program is likely to be able to replicate anytime soon.

I think we already have digital “serendipity” when it comes to finding books. It’s called “the internet.” It’s going to be HUGE, I tell ya.


And there are exceptions that I will make for historical fiction, but not many. We all have our specific allergies.

Hmmm. Book allergies. I think we all know what she is describing here.

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