Choose Your Own Adventure: Bookstore Edition

Spring has arrived, and for the first time since you saw a yellowing leaf lose its grip on that big oak tree at the end of your street, you’ve decided to leave your house. The chill has all but left the air. A vision of the coming months rides triumphantly into your mind: warm weather, a poolside lounge chair, a tall glass of sweet tea (if you’re a southerner, that is; who knows what you northern folks drink in the summer), and a fat stack of books. That pile you acquired during and just after the holidays has dwindled. The time to replenish is now. Like any good bookie (Note: I’m officially claiming the word “bookie” for avid readers. It is no longer short for “bookmaker,” but instead now refers to one who loves books. You’re welcome.), you head to that most readerly haven, your favorite local bookstore.

If you have at least one child, click here; If you’re able to make the trip solo, click here.












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