Critical Linking: March 12, 2013


The traditional primary meaning of “book” is a literary composition that is published in a written or printed form consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.

Is it just me, or does falling back on the traditional definition of anything seem like the wrong way to open a fight against Amazon?


N+1, which features both literary and political content, is, at the moment, trying to leverage its online presence for a stronger physical presence…

Or you could just, you know, acknowledge that the internet will give you a wider reach than anything else.


It combines professional advice from the million-selling author and lined pages for readers to set down their own ideas, or “inner goddess.” Vintage says the journal will have a soft leather cover, “bonded.”

Yawn. I mean, “bonded” was the best pun they could come up with? The flogging continues.


…even a tale of conquest becomes a narrative about family. Perhaps that’s naïve and sentimental. But surely there’s something courageous too in looking upon the loathsome, dangerous alien, and welcoming him, or her, into your heart.

Or maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome.


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