Critical Linking: March 8th, 2013


“After a thorough review of options, we believe that a separation will better position both Time Warner and Time Inc.,” Mr. Bewkes told the New York Times’ Amy Chozick. “Time Inc. will also benefit from the flexibility and focus of being a stand-alone company.”

Reminds me of a line from The Godfather II: “One by one, our old friends are gone.” Time isn’t gone yet. Yet.


So if recessionista and fembot are not really puns, what are they? They’re neolexic portmanteaus, in which root words are brutally slammed together with cavalier lack of wit.



Do not describe an individual as mentally ill unless it is clearly pertinent to a story and the diagnosis is properly sourced.

Good work, AP. About time.


Personally, I’m not persuaded by the VIDA numbers that depict a fearsome bias in favor of men in media coverage of books. My skepticism comes from my own newsroom experience of how books normally enter the system for review-coverage consideration.

I always forget that personal experience trumps raw data.

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