Name Those Authors!: The Answers for February 28, 2013

We’ve revamped the game a bit! Now we give you a requirement, and you give us an author who fits the bill. Last week, we asked for:

Authors who published their first book under the age of 35.

You guys came through with a TON of good answers. So many, that I’ve just picked out the authors who were famous really young (like before 25). Here’s a selection:

Percy Shelley (two novels before age 19)

Mary Shelley (finished the manuscript for Frankenstein at age 20)

Rimbaud (published poems by age 15)

Christopher Paolini (Eragon published by Knopf at age 18)

Alexander Pope (Rape of the Lock published at age 24)

William Cullen Bryant (at age 13, wrote a poetical satire of Thomas Jefferson which went through multiple printings)

Brett Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero published at age 21)

Stephen Crane (by age 23 he had published both Maggie: Girl of the Streets and The Red Badge of Courage)

John Kennedy Toole (finished the manuscript to The Neon Bible at age 16)

Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything is Illuminated was completed during his time at Princeton)

Langston Hughes (“The Negro Speaks of Rivers” published at age 19)

F. Scott Fitzgerald (This Side of Paradise published at age 24)


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